A common issue we have heard at the AICP is that messages are not always received.  According to statista.com, Spam messages accounted for 47.3% of email traffic in 2020.  Let’s all work together to lower that number. 

Common Causes:

  • Spam email filter set by your company,
  • We have the wrong or an outdated email address,
  • Email was sent to your Junk Email folder,
  • Your mailbox is full,
  • You accidentally deleted the email,
  • You unsubscribed from receiving emails from Virtual, or
  • You have an email rule setup that restricts these emails from being received.


  • Reach out to your system admin, information security or IT folks to explore options.  Let them know you need to receive emails sent by Constant Contact and the domains are @in.constantcontact.com and @in.confirmedcc.com.
  • Confirm your email address in “Your Member Profile” in aicp.net  is correct.
  • If your company has strict limitations on emails, consider using your personal email address for “Your Member Profile” email address in aicp.net.
  • Check your Junk or Spam email folder.
  • Check your Deleted or Trash folder.
  • Reach out to AICP if you need any help or email [email protected].


This Blog is sponsored by Rachel Galasso, on behalf of the New England Chapter

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