Open Positions and Nominations

The 2023 Nomination Process is now Closed

It’s that time again! The AICP is seeking candidates for several national leadership positions. Members may nominate themselves if interested, or another member they feel is qualified and would benefit from the experience. As approved by the Board, nominations open today and will remain open until July 21st.

There are many benefits to serving in a leadership role for both members and their companies:

  • Leadership Development
    • Personnel Management Skills
    • Project Management Skills
    • Motivational Skills
    • Conflict Management
  • Education
  • Networking with Industry and Regulators
  • Increased visibility with State Insurance Departments
  • Opportunity to develop personal relationships with Commissioners as well as their staff

National Board Positions

Vice President [three (3) year commitment]

Secretary [two (2) year term]

Regional Director – Great Lakes Chapter [two (2) year term]

Regional Director – Gulf States Chapter [two (2) year term]

Regional Director – Midwest Chapter [two (2) year term]

Regional Director – Northwest Chapter [two (2) year term]

Regional Director – Western Chapter [two (2) year term]