Membership Categories

  • Industry $275
  • Regulators $60
    Regulator Members are defined as persons employed directly by city, county, state, or government agencies, or persons from regulatory trade associations
  • Student $25
    Students shall be defined as persons who are enrolled and in good standing at an accredited two-year or four-year college or university, but does not apply to students who qualify as an Industry Member or Regulatory Member. Learn more here

AICP Membership is based on a calendar year – January 1 through December 31. No portion of annual membership fee can be prorated into the next year.

Community Matters!

It’s been said time and again by every imaginable professional association! But in the field of compliance, community really does matter in a number of tangible ways:

A “Meeting of the Minds” That Meets Your Needs
AICP’s membership is comprised of professionals working in every facet of the field of insurance compliance. Our community includes a wide range of insurance professionals and regulators. Our network encompasses experts in Property & Casualty, Life & Health, Annuities, and additional segments of the insurance industry. This provides AICP members with a forum for the open exchange of ideas, plus access to timely learning and development opportunities regarding current trends, best practices, and regulatory challenges that meet their diverse needs.

We Help You Keep Pace with a Fast-Paced Industry
Compliance is a moving target. By joining AICP’s community of compliance professionals, you have access to their insights and expertise. This enables you to stay current on industry trends, regulatory challenges, best practices, new product offerings, and much more.

Amplify Your Professional Growth
AICP offers a wide array of resources. AICP will help you grow and evolve professionally through benefits including:

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AICP Membership is based on a calendar year – January 1 through December 31. No portion of annual membership fee can be prorated into the next year.

Membership Fee Schedule

  • Industry $225
  • Regulator $50
  • Student $25

Membership fees are payable by check or credit card.


Getting to know different regulators and meeting with them in this venue is invaluable, as it helps tremendously when working together to resolve issues. I have found everyone who participates in AICP to be very kind and generous in sharing their networks. Since our business is ever-changing, there is always something new to learn and through AICP, I have always found someone willing to help.

Robin Clover, Vice President and Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty Company (AGCS) for North America

I have always greatly valued my AICP membership. Since joining the Association in 2014 I have met countless numbers of industry members and regulators. Many of these acquaintances have become friends – people I can reach out to with industry questions or just to get an opinion

Rachel Galasso, AICP New England Chapter Regional Director

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