AICP delivers a community of insurance compliance professionals that supports your challenges through local and national networking, by offering a forum to connect with insurance regulators and ongoing education and certification opportunities.

Compliance Training

AICP is super excited about its newly developed “Compliance 101” course, designed primarily for those newer to Insurance and compliance, but also for anyone seeking a refresher. And, even better, we have additional advanced compliance courses in the works which will launch very soon. These courses will help to get your newer employees off to a solid start on their career journey so that they can hit the ground running. We offer multiple designations that your employees can attain, broadening their depth of knowledge about key insurance related topics.

Annual Conference

The knowledge gained by your employees at our annual conference will be invaluable. We typically host up to 60 sessions covering Life, Health (including Dental, Vision and Supplemental Health products), Annuities, Personal Lines and Commercial lines. We attract top notch
speakers from both the industry and regulatory arena, who speak on current hot topics, best practices, and trends in the insurance Industry. We also offer timely sessions on common hot-button issues such as MCAS, Privacy Issues, InsureTech, Cybersecurity, Data Protection and more! It is also a great place to get that ‘face-time’ with up to 40 regulators from across the country.

Peer to Peer Networking

Your employees will have year-round, peer-to-peer networking access to a multitude of other experienced insurance compliance professionals, who will have faced some of the same challenges your employees face. This happens at our regional Education days, in our On-line Members Only discussion forum, at our annual conference, and every day through informal channels. This makes your employees able to more quickly resolve challenges or implement new ideas.

Access to Regulators

Your employees will have the opportunity to build strong relationships with insurance regulators. This can lead to faster form approvals, or just an overall smoother filing or market conduct experience.

Compliance Content

Your employees will be able to access an array of compliance resources on our website ( including blogs, articles, and white papers authored by industry experts and regulator members. We offer an expansive library of past content-rich presentations, webinars and

Discussion Board

AICP hosts a discussion board where members can seek on-the-spot insights and best
practices about compliance issues and tasks. If you have questions, another AICP member likely has an

A Productive Job Posting Platform

You’ll have access to the AICP Job Bank as a cost effective and proven way to showcase open positions you may have, whether you are seeking to fill an entry level position or attract highly experienced compliance professionals.

Easy Access to Industry Service Partners

We partner with many of the vendors providing best-in-class tools, technologies and services to the Insurance Compliance Industry, so if you were thinking of bringing in any new tools, we can help!

We’re Easy to Find

We have a terrific website ( with many resources your employees will use. We also post and engage on many social media platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), so keeping your employees current with everything new and noteworthy in the industry is easy.

For more than 30 years, the AICP has been dedicated exclusively to the advancement of the insurance compliance community.