We are only a few weeks away from Charting the Course at the 2022 Annual AICP Conference – and as with any journey, we have opportunities for you to see some of what the local area has to offer!  We have put together two off-shore excursions from which to choose – but as with all off-shore excursions, there is a limited capacity – so sign up early to participate!

And you are going to want to participate in one of these!  Do you want to learn to Salsa and Bachata (that’s dancing for those of you who are thinking of tortilla chips!) – and end up at a nightclub to dance the night away?  There are even appetizers and mojito to get you in the mood!  Maybe you are a foodie and would rather walk a little and eat a little of the local cuisine.  You get to visit the Art Deco district and soak it all in.

One of these is sure to ‘tickle your fancy’ – whether you are a dancer who wants to enjoy the local music and some drinks with friends – or if you want to eat and walk your way through the local Art Deco district – we have what you need.

So – sign up now – THIS IS IMPORTANT – SPACE IS LIMITED – and we want you to enjoy these off-shore excursions.  You can go to Looking Ahead to the 2022 Annual Conference – AICP and get signed up right now!

Bring your dancing shoes – or walking shoes – so you can enjoy your off-shore excursion!

Katie Gurnett
Captain, AICP 2022 Conference Planning

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