Ella, the Entertaining Elephant Day?

What is E-day?  Is it a day dedicated to everything starting with the letter “E” – with maybe even a special mention on Sesame Street?  Is that special day that Ella, the Entertaining Elephant finally gets her moment in the spotlight?  Is it the day everyone must go around screaming “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” – just like Pirate Day when we all say “AAARGH”?

Actually it is something just as fun as those things sound – and more important for all members of AICP!  E-day stands for Education Day and it is a mini-version of our National Conference but on the Chapter level.  It’s a chance for each chapter to really shine, show off, invite local regulators to interact with the members and for chapter members to really get to know each other.  It’s a chance for the Chapters to have sessions which important to their region and their Chapter members.

Is there a specific day assigned for this magical day?  Nope – that is one more way the Chapters make it special in their region.  They get to plan according to what works for their chapter members and to accommodate any regional directors who might attend.  However, there seems to be a ‘season’ for E-days and the majority of chapters hold them in the spring and summer months – which is even better – no traveling during the winter!

There is one other very special aspect of Chapter E-days which actually does start with the letter “E” – EVERYONE can attend.  Each chapter invites EVERYONE – so you don’t have to be a member of that specific chapter to attend.  This means you get to broaden your horizons, make new contacts and learn new things (that whole EDUCATION thing)!

So – see the list below for this year’s E-Day schedule.  Check out what they are offering, what regulators will be attending – and who knows – maybe Ella, the Entertaining Elephant will make an appearance!



Katie Gurnett

Past President, AICP

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