Did you know that one of the Website Committee’s annual tasks is for the committee volunteers to review websites of organizations similar to ours?  We do this to see how our AICP website compares to other insurance compliance related sites.  We want to be sure that our website is the best it can be, and offers as many useful (and cool) features as possible, both for our members and first time visitors to the site.

You can help! During any given day, you probably visit dozens of different websites.  Some are probably great, and some, maybe not so easy to navigate.  For those which fall into the “great” category,  we believe in “imitation being the best form of flattery”.   Just what is it about those favorite sites that you like and appreciate?  Is there a particular feature or layout that you like?  Is there a content resource it has which we do not?  Is the navigation on their site super easy, and if so why?

Please comment below if you have any ideas that we should be considering to make our website the best that it can be!

Sue Eckler-Kerns, Website Committee Chair

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