Jim Walker may not be an official member of the AICP, but he has been a friend to the insurance industry for many years.  He is always willing to help and sees his role as facilitator.  He wants to help the insurance industry have products for the residents in Florida; his job is to make certain the products comply with the insurance laws in the state of Florida.  He learned that from Kevin McCarty, former Insurance Commissioner.  Jim’s point of view is in alignment with the mission of the AICP; to help bring regulators and industry together.  He understands insurance companies are not evil and that insurance regulators do not have to be a roadblock to do business in a state.

Employment:  Jim is a Senior Management Analyst II.  He reviews life and annuity filings for the Florida OIR (formerly the Florida Department of Insurance), for 23 years this fall.  Prior to that, he worked in the insurance industry for 12 years.

Education:  Although a native Floridian, Jim traveled to California where he graduated from Chapman University in Orange, Ca.  There he received a BA in Communications Media.  He has also gained his CLU (Chartered Life Underwriter) and CPM (Certified Public Manager).

Jim’s Guiding Principle: There’s no right way to do the wrong thing.  As his 92-year old mother says, “Don’t church it up”; confess to the wrong doing, learn from it and move along.

Life Experiences:  Jim was involved in a serious car accident back in his youth.  He broke 14 bones in his body as well as remembers his friend that did not survive that accident.  That experience taught him that life is fleeting; don’t take it for granted.  He lives that by traveling to other parts of the world to understand the perspectives of the people in that region and to also give him an appreciation for all that we have here.   He believes there is so much more outside our own doors that should be experienced. One of the most memorable trips that he and his wife experienced was to hike the Jungfrau in Switzerland.  That is the most impressive sight he has ever seen.  They have hiked in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Canada.  Yes, the Floridian likes to snow hike! He and his wife are going hiking in Colorado this fall.

Future Plans:  Jim will be retiring from the OIR effective December 2020.  If you need his assistance, make certain you get it prior to that date.  But, as he even recognizes, the problem with getting him on the phone is getting him off the phone!  He is such an interesting person to speak with.  Its all about the personal relationship, which further highlights another AICP mission.

As Jim transitions out of his employment with the FL OIR into the next phase of his life, he will be keeping his options opened. Who knows where he may turn up!

Away from Work: Jim and his wife, Kristin, contribute and assist the Humane Society at both local and national levels.  He donates his time and photography skills for causes such as breast cancer survivors and to former military personnel via Wounded Warriors.  Jim has two grown sons and two grandchildren.  One of the benefits of having grandchildren, per Jim, is a way to get even with his sons, ie, giving the grandkids sugar and letting them stay up late and then returning them to their parents!

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