Robin Clover is the Vice President and Head of Government and Regulatory Affairs for Allianz Global Corporate and Specialty Company (AGCS) for North America.  She is the only Allianz employee in Montana, and to her, that says a lot about the company.  They worked hard to accommodate her desire to move to Montana for a better life for her and her family.   Robin travels a lot for work so between moving closer to an airport and literally no traffic (do elk count?), it takes less than half the time than it took from her home in the San Francisco Bay Area.  She also says her new little airport is so much easier and better to use than SFO, because the ticket agents know you by name, are happy and friendly, and the planes actually take off on time.

Robin and her husband, Pat, moved to the Bitterroot Mountains of Montana in 2018 to be closer to her niece, who had triplets that year.  Since then, 12 other family members have moved there as well.  Robin has a goal of recruiting one more member of her family (her son who currently lives in Texas) and once he is there, she requests no one else move to Montana.  The saying, “Keep Montana Empty,” is making more and more sense to Robin the longer she lives there!

Guiding Star: Common sense prevails; balance is everything and never stop learning.

What is Your Background? I have found regulatory work is something you can never fully master because it is always changing and you have to constantly learn to keep up.  The work is fascinating and it is absolutely the best job to have because it continues to challenge you.  It is also one job where you have the widest reach of people – both internally and externally.

I started in the filings area for Fireman’s Fund in the late 80’s.  From there, I’ve done (and enjoyed) every role that deals with regulatory issues.  I have also worked in Accounting, Discontinued Operations, Ethics, Corporate Culture, and was the Chief of Staff for the Chair and CEO of the company. I learned a lot in that role about executive operations and leadership.

Education: I have an undergraduate business degree and an MBA from the University of San Francisco.  I also have my CPCU, AMCM, and my AIE.

The most important lessons I learned that still apply to my career today are from my father.  He was a bartender and taught me the value (and fun) of getting to know people and to listen – important for a bartender and important in life.  Those lessons, as well as my formal education and business experience, have served me well.  This business (of regulation and compliance) is like constantly trying to put together a complex puzzle.  Meeting and getting to know people makes it much easier and definitely more enjoyable.

What Does AICP mean to You?  Getting to know different regulators and meeting with them in this venue is invaluable, as it helps tremendously when working together to resolve issues.  I have found everyone who participates in AICP to be very kind and generous in sharing their networks.  The content of the meetings is always robust and the meetings provide for an educational and personal opportunity for learning and growing.  Since our business is ever-changing, there is always something new to learn and through AICP, I have always found someone willing to help.

I am fortunate that I work for a great company such as Allianz.  Representing our brand is easy because I truly believe in my company, what we represent, and the value of our products and promise.  AICP helps me do that.

How Did You Fall Into Insurance?  I was working as an office manager for a little company in the San Francisco Bay Area called, “Gems of the Golden West.”  It only took me a few months to realize there was no future in that company.  My mom worked at Fireman’s Fund at the time, so I knew it was a great company and a great place to build a career.  A family friend also worked there in HR and called me one day about the perfect job for me.  Turns out, she was right.  I have been with Allianz, in many roles, for close to 30 years.

What Do You Do When You’re Not a Compliance Professional?  Since moving to Montana, we’re walking, hiking and biking a lot more than we ever did in California.  The days are much longer here during the summer (it stays light out well past 9pm).  I can work all day and go for a hike at night.  We leave our boxer, Stella, at home though because I’m not yet convinced she won’t get eaten.  And yes, the winters!  We’re embracing the beauty of snow and also learning how to cross country ski so we stay active all year long.

We’re also spending more time, and more quality time, with family.  With my sister and four nieces involved in barrel-racing, we’ve become regulars at the local rodeos.  I haven’t ridden horses since I was little so I stick to babysitting the babies while they ride and am a very vocal part of the cheering section.

Most Important Life Lesson (So Far): Bottom line for me is to always enjoy life, embrace change and focus on the positive.  In pursuing that, I landed in heaven when we moved to Montana and have never been happier.

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