I joined AICP in 2015.

When I began a new position managing the product filing and compliance department in my company, my supervisor offered a membership as a tool to learn about the industry and to broaden my knowledge base. Being a member of AICP is definitely a great way to learn about the insurance industry, specifically compliance issues, but it is actually so much more. Sure, AICP offers some great networking opportunities and opportunities to meet and speak with regulators, but did you know AICP also offers college scholarships and a job bank for job postings specific to insurance compliance?

There are many different benefits to being an AICP member, including a discussion forum, continuing education credits, and access to publications such as the new AICP Blog. If you are interested, AICP even offers leadership and volunteer opportunities through committee membership and board member positions. Just today, while researching for this blog, I found the Administrative Resource Library where I was able to find information from past E-Day presentations and other resources from various AICP committees including policies and procedures. AICP has a lot to offer and the more members we attract, the broader our resources and knowledge become and the more we all benefit so get out there and tell someone at your company (or another company) about AICP today.


Submitted by Sarah Lounsbury

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