We continue to share that these are strange times – for work and our personal lives. If you know me, my personal life and my passion, hobby, insanity, or whatever you want to call it, has been thrown into the unknown with the anticipation of no fans allowed in NFL stadiums this year. I live and breathe the Seattle Seahawks, and it just won’t be the same this year. In normal times, attending games is an all-day event – tailgating, the game itself, and post-game tailgating. Sundays (and an occasional Monday and Thursday) are going to be very different. As retirement is just around the corner, I was planning more away games. But with travel restrictions, all of my “vacation” plans to coincide with games have been cancelled (Miami, Buffalo, and Washington).

On a more serious note for these strange times, I changed jobs shortly after my 60th birthday to work for a start-up company. A lot of people have told me that I am insane after 14 years at my previous job and retirement around the corner. What if this start-up doesn’t succeed? What will this do to my retirement plans? Was I sure that I wanted to leave the security that was afforded to me by a company where I had tenure? What about the time I had invested in that organization? Would a new company really consider someone that was nearing retirement? I agonized over these very questions because everything that was being said to me was something that I had to seriously consider. These things weighed heavy on my mind and my heart as I had built a strong foundation and many relationships in those 14 years.

But then a casual conversation quickly turned into an offer – one that I couldn’t refuse. I reached out to those that I am close – within the industry and my mentor. All of them asked the questions, but all of them were also very encouraging and supportive. I took that leap!

What has it been like to change jobs at age 60? I can only offer my experience and it has been fantastic. I am doing something new and something different. I have new co-workers that are extremely supportive and very, very bright. I look forward to that 4:00 am alarm and starting my day. There have been challenges with still working remotely and having to set up new computer hardware. I am learning new software programs. And, when they start-up, they mean fast-paced. My days fly by! I am just finishing week #3 and couldn’t be happier for taking that leap of faith and desire to do more!

Nancy Campbell, AIE, FLMI, ACP, AIRC, AIAA, ACS

Compliance Director – Assurance

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