Okay – there are actually multiple winners of our quest for just the right theme for our AICP 2021 National Conference in San Diego, October 3-6!  We had lots of great ideas and although we didn’t choose exactly one of the ones submitted, we REALLY appreciated people’s creativity and their courage to send it to us for consideration.  So, special thanks to our contributors who will all receive a special gift for helping us find a great theme –

Pam Bethea

Rachel Galasso

Michael Hollar

Danette Kobolt

Paul Lindemann

Jennifer Osgood

Tom Tomlinson

We couldn’t have done it without you!  So – now on to the GREAT REVEAL!  Drumroll please (you can pretend with your fingers on your desk – believe me it is a lot of fun and will make those around you wonder what the heck you are doing!)….  Our AICP 2021 National Conference Theme is ….


We are very excited about this theme because it speaks to all of us about the different things we want to happen at this year’s conference – and even better – what AICP does for all of us!  We will start looking at some marketing material for conference in the next few weeks.

In the meantime – our Program Subcommittee is busy looking for FRESH NEW ideas to help all of us FOCUS on the compliance world around us!  The Community Outreach Committee has put the FOCUS on finding something that will ReFRESH and ReNEW our ability to help others.  NEAT (Networking and Extracurricular Team) is exploring ways we can ReFRESH after a long day of sessions while being able to ReNEW friendships and ReFOCUS for the next day’s offerings.  So much to do and so little time – but we have the creativity, spirit and determination to make it all happen!

Over the next couple of months, we will explore what ReFRESH ReNEW ReFOCUS means to all of you – but I can’t do that without your help!  I need your input and your insights!

Next month, I will be highlighting ReFRESH – so I would love to hear from you!  This is your chance to tell me what AICP National Conference can ReFRESH in you, for you – personally and professionally!  I need to hear from you by April 26th so I can include your thoughts – and even hopes of what this year’s national conference can be!  Send your ReFRESH comments to [email protected] – so I can let everyone know awaits them at our 2021 National Conference in San Diego, October 3-6th!

I can’t wait to ReFRESH my knowledge of all of you through your responses – so don’t forget – send to [email protected] by April 26th


Katie Gurnett

Chair, Conference Planning


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