If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that everything can change. And it can change quickly!

At AICP, we have spent a lot of time digging in and figuring out what to do and where to go from here. While AICP isn’t a full time job for any of us, we put a lot of time and energy into all the things our members know and love about our organization. That includes our local meetings, E-days and annual conference.

Most of our chapters were finalizing plans for spring E-days just as our country began shutting down in response to COVID-19. We took a cautious approach and resisted cancelling everything, at first. It quickly became clear that the shut downs were going to last longer than anyone had hoped and we began the work of cancelling E-days. Unfortunately, all of our spring E-days will be cancelled for 2020.

We have gotten quite a few questions about our plans for annual conference, currently scheduled October 4-7th in Washington DC. Again, we are taking a cautious approach. We have not cancelled or made any changes to our plans for this year’s annual conference. That being said, we know everything can change, and it can change quickly. We are continuing to plan for a great conference, while monitoring the information coming out of government agencies. The health and safety of our members, and the country as a whole, are our priority. We will continue to evaluate the situation and make any adjustments, including changing our dates or location, if it becomes necessary.

Your Board of Directors is a thoughtful group of people. We are pretty creative too. We are looking at some new and innovative ways to bring local networking opportunities to our members. We hope to be able to get some AICP activities in your calendar in the coming weeks.

Stay home and stay healthy.

Bri Dahl

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