We are excited about this year’s ReFreshed silent auction and hope you’ll join us in making it a success.  The funds raised from the Silent Auction will be distributed equally between our chosen local San Diego, California charity and the AICP Scholarship fund.  This is change from prior conferences where all the funds raised went directly to the charity.

This year’s charity is Mama’s Kitchen.  Mama’s Kitchen prepares and delivers nutritious meals for those struggling with AIDS or cancer who are too sick to shop and cook for themselves in the San Diego, California. Mama’s Kitchen also offers a number of other programs such as:  AIDS Nutrition ProgramCancer Nutrition Program, Children’s Nutrition ProgramCongestive Heart Failure Pilot Program, Type 2 Diabetes Nutrition Program, Chronic Kidney Disease Pilot Nutrition Program, Pantry Service, HIV Emergency Food Assistance, and Medical Nutrition Therapy.

Furthermore, we have revised the format of the auction.  Conference attendees both in person and virtual will have an opportunity to purchase tickets.  Those in person will drop a ticket or tickets into a bucket placed under a picture of the donated items.  Those attending virtually will do the same electronically.  A drawing will be held for each item to determine the items lucky winner.

Because of our ReFocused auction, we are looking for bigger ticket auction items such as hotel stays, sporting game tickets, airfare, etc.  We hope we can count on you to help make this auction the best ever.

2021 Silent Auction Committee


Michael Hollar