Regional Director Candidates

Ron Nelson

Accomplished insurance professional with over a decade of experience and a diverse background. Strong compliance, product and regulatory expertise. Known for excellent work ethic, and strong leadership skills.

Give a brief description of your involvement (current and past) with the AICP

Member on and off depending on company for 10 or so years. Also did ACP designation through AICP.

What skills do you bring to the office? What qualifications make you a viable candidate for the office?

Big network, insurance knowledge, leadership & communication.

What would be your goals for office if you are elected?

Grow the Great Lakes Chapter of the AICP. Work with members to add value in any area that needs it.

If elected, how would you use your office to work with others in the AICP to pursue the AICP’s current goals and objectives, to meet member needs, and to enhance the AICP’s value in our insurance compliance community?

I would reach out to my broad network of insurance professionals and engage them as needed. I would leverage LinkedIn to spread awareness of AICP and grow insurance compliance awareness as best I could.

Where would you like to see the AICP in the future and what would you do to move the AICP toward the vision?

I would like to see the AICP extend its membership outside of mostly filers/products and into operational/compliance management. Engaging members and seeing how their companies handle compliance activities outside of filings.

Additional Comments

I believe I would be an asset to the AICP.