You may enroll in the AICP Accreditation Program when you have met the following basic requirements:

  1. Current membership with AICP;
  2. Completed the necessary coursework for the Associate Compliance Professional (ACP) designation;
  3. Completed the enrollment form for the ACP designation;
  4. Mail or email the enrollment form to AICP Headquarters, along with a copy of your transcripts and the appropriate fee*.

*ACP designation only: $30.00 payable by check or credit card.

When you have completed the ACP designation requirements, you are eligible to attain the Certified Compliance Professional (CCP) designation. Once you have been in the insurance industry for five years and have been in compliance or a compliance related field, and have completed the necessary coursework:

Fill out the CCP enrollment form and send it to the AICP Headquarters, along with a copy of your transcripts ( “Transcript” means a copy of the sponsoring organization’s grade report) and the appropriate fee* noted below. If you meet both the ACP and the CCP requirements, you may submit each enrollment form at the same time.

*CCP designation only: $30.00 payable by check or credit card. If applying for the ACP and CCP designations together: $50.00 payable by check or credit card

AICP National Headquarters is responsible for the administration and maintenance of member designation information. The AICP Education Committee is responsible for verifying that the enrollment forms and transcripts satisfy the designation requirements. The AICP Education Committee is also responsible to review and approve other coursework related to the member’s occupation that may be equivalent to the established designation coursework.

Once the enrollment form has been received by AICP National Headquarters, you can expect a letter confirming receipt. This information is processed and forwarded to the AICP Education Committee for review. Once a status is determined, National Headquarters will send a letter to the member confirming that all requirements for the designation have been met and that their designation certificate will be conferred at the next Annual Conference. Members may begin use of their designation (ACP or CCP) once the letter is received.

Designation Usage for AICP Certification Programs

AICP designations should be used only after being officially notified of conferment.

The ACP designation may be used up until conferment of the CCP designation. A member can only be eligible for the CCP designation upon earning the ACP designation. Therefore, upon CCP conferment the ACP designation should no longer be used. This also applies if a member is conferred for both ACP and CCP designations simultaneously, only the CCP designation should be used.

The CE program is an accreditation program and recognizes continuing education pursuits by our members. The requirements of the program commence upon conferment of the CCP designation. Please refer to the Continuing Education link for these requirements. Certificates of recognition are awarded at Annual Conference. A CE award is not a designation and should not be used as such.