Planning for our 2019 Annual Conference (September 22-25) is well underway.  Now is the time for you to make plans to attend.  Exciting topics, expert speakers, fantastic networking opportunities and large number of attendees from both the industry and the regulatory arena make this the premier insurance compliance event of the year! To top it all off, the location for the conference is none other than the Mile High City – Denver.

Denver — A place to fly high above the humdrum routine of the day to day concerns we face as compliance professionals.  Our theme this year will focus on reaching new heights in compliance and seeing how we CAN get by with just a little help from our friends.  We will address the real problems and issues you face in a rapidly changing regulatory and marketing environment and provide solutions and tools to help you and your company keep abreast of all the latest changes.  For regulators, this is an excellent opportunity to network with your peers in other states.  Our educational sessions will help everyone work through the changes in the world of compliance regulation as technology advances, insurance products evolve and the task of compliance grows ever more complicated. This conference will also serve as a refresher on some of the usual topics that continue to challenge us all.  Elevate your game, climb above the crowds, soar into the clouds, and take a look at new solutions to old problems – that is the essence of Denver, and that is what we hope you away with you from our Conference.

So look for some of the old familiar parts of conference, such as our Regulator Roundtables and View from the Top.  Watch for some new twists on old standards, such as our new Tuesday evening networking events. And don’t be surprised at some of the new and innovative ways of getting information to you through our Conference App.

Join us for our 32nd Annual Conference in Denver –

Where Industry meets Regulator

Where Problem meets Solution

Where Experience meets Innovation

Where Compliance meets The Future

Elizabeth Tosaris

Chair, Conference Planning

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