AICP 2021 Annual Conference
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Silent Auction

ReFRESH – ReNEW – ReFOCUS – What a great theme for our 2021 AICP Conference in San Diego!  Add the vibrant colors of our logo and you will understand the energy, creativity and enthusiasm that has gone into planning this very special conference this year.  We had to think of FRESH NEW ways to bring a wealth of information to you so you can FOCUS on learning, networking and sharing information!

We wanted to make sure that EVERYONE who wanted to participate would have an opportunity to do so – even if they were unable to travel to San Diego.  In an effort to bring EVERYONE back together, we decided to have a hybrid event.  You are asking yourself – what is a hybrid event?  We will be providing an in-person experience as well as a virtual experience for anyone who wants to attend the Conference.  This means we will have some sessions which will be live-streamed and recorded at the same time, which will enable our virtual attendees to ask questions and actually participate in the session.  All other sessions will be recorded so our virtual attendees can watch them the very next day at their own pace.  In order to accommodate this type of platform, we have set the registration fees to take into account the cost not just to AICP, but also to our members.  We know that if you travel in-person, your expenses include hotel and airfare.  Our virtual attendees will not incur those costs but still want good value for their money.  Therefore, you will notice that the virtual fees a higher than the in-person fee which reflect these differences.

We have lots of things planned for our in-person attendees – a special Food Truck Extravaganza Night on Monday and Compliance After-Hours on Tuesday night.

Our vendors will also be available to both our in-person and virtual attendees – so don’t forgot to stop by their booth – both in-person and in the virtual world.

We are excited that you will be joining us.  We know that you will leave ReFRESHed, ReNEWed and ReFOCUSed from all of the great sessions, speakers, regulators and networking opportunities.  We will see you in San Diego!!

Katie Gurnett
2021 AICP Conference Chair

COVID PROTOCOL:  AICP will be abiding by any city/state mandates in force at the time of Conference.  AICP will be monitoring the conditions to determine if any other measures need to be put in place for the safety of our participants.  At this time masks are optional and rooms have been set up to allow social distancing.