Have you been wondering if we are having our annual AICP Conference which is scheduled to be held in beautiful San Diego, California October 3-6th?  Are wondering if we will be prepared to go virtual if necessary?  Have you been wondering if we will have lots of great sessions, speakers and opportunities to ‘hob-knob’ with regulators and fellow AICP members?  (I like that term ‘hob-knob’ and have been looking for a way to use it FOREVER!)  Are sessions being planned?  Will we hear anything about the theme soon (someone is going to win $25!)?  Will we be having a silent auction?  Will we choose a local charity?  Will there be fun things to do?  So many questions – and the answer to all of these is – YES!

We are a little late, but we have started the planning process and gathering ideas for sessions and speakers.  We have teams who are working on Life, Annuity & Health, Property & Casualty, General Sessions, Regulator Outreach and View from the Top.  YOU can still help with this – you can still volunteer to help – or you can send you ideas for sessions, speakers or regulators to me (information at the end of the article).   And – if you would like to be a speaker at our conference – and have an idea for the session – you just saved us a lot of phone calls and thinking time!

Our Community Outreach is working on choosing a charity, the silent auction and conference pin.  We are going to have a new way to participate in the silent auction which will enable everyone to participate – even if you only have $1!  Details to come.

NEAT (Networking and Extracurricular Team) will be finding ways to have fun during our free time – as well as planning an extravaganza night to celebrate with all of your friends.  Plus, they will be putting together something for our First-Timers so we can welcome them to our lively group!

All of this has just started – so there is still time to help – even if you only have five minutes or just want to share some ideas.  We are still looking for a theme – and remember, if we choose your idea to be the theme, you will win a $25 gift card!

If you have ideas or want to help out just send me a note at [email protected] – and YES,  I will be waiting for your email!


Katie Gurnett

Chair, Conference Planning


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