Compliance Underwriting

The world of underwriting is highly regulated and monitored. Essential to consumer protection and compliance with the laws and regulations in all states and D.C., insurance companies perform periodic examinations of their producers, third party administrators and managing general agents to review their conformity to underwriting guidelines and state requirements, knowing the repercussions of an insurance department examination that finds non-compliance. This podcast will examine the regulations governing the underwriting of policies, the types of proactive measures taken by insurance companies to ensure compliance, and the difficulties faced by companies that fail to ensure compliance.

Featuring: Dominic Serratore, Westmont Associates, Inc.
Lee Davidson, Sr. Vice President, Berkley Accident and Health

The Insurance Advertising: The World of Today and Tomorrow

Creative spirits live in the marketing and advertising realm, and they want to use all their powers to tell the world about their great products and what they can do for the customer. Many times, these creative spirits battle with what they affectionately call “The Sales Prevention Unit” – or the compliance area- because in the ‘real’ world, insurance advertising is regulated both on the federal and state level – not to mention what the company’s brand standards might be. It is up to the Compliance Professional to guide these creative spirits to find a way to fulfill their marketing and advertising desires while still being in compliance with the laws. This requires the Compliance Professional to be creative, resourceful and a good listener – because sometimes the creative spirits don’t really need an entire universe – maybe a single star will do. Our podcast will go over the laws and regulations which govern different products, and give you tips and ideas on how to communicate with the creative spirits and ways to guide them in their journey.

Featuring: Randa Zalman, President & CEO, Insurance Marketing Institute
Katie Gurnett, Physicians Mutual Insurance Company

What is Compliance?

Regulatory compliance is an integral component of the insurance industry. Nearly every aspect of the industry is regulated by state or federal agencies. Everything from policy language to advertising can need review and/or approval from a regulatory authority. This podcast will give you a birds-eye view of what is regulated, and by whom, to lay the foundation for deeper discussions in the future.

Featuring: Holly Blanchard, Regulatory Insurance Advisors, LLC
Lee Davidson, Sr. Vice President, Berkley Accident and Health
Hosted by: Bri Dahl, Pricing Analyst, Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company

Compliance Careers

Compliance within an insurance company can be thought of as a large umbrella encompassing many functions and interactions with areas within a company. In this podcast, we will explore many of the compliance functions including monitoring state laws, responding to state and federal mandates, handling consumer complaints, and submitting rate filings to state insurance department.

Featuring: Margaret Resce Milkent, Managing Partner, Jacobson
Sean Cox, First Consulting & Administration
Hosted by: Bri Dahl, Pricing Analyst, Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company

Insurance Company Solvency

Unlike most companies, insurers are not able to become debtors under the United States Bankruptcy Code. Instead, they are subject to a proceeding under the supervision of the state where the insurer is domiciled. While many of the concepts are similar to bankruptcy, each state has its own insurance code to address how an insolvency or rehabilitation will proceed. Listen to this podcast to learn more about those procedures, as well as the financial solvency tools that states monitor to ensure their insurers are financially stable.

Featuring: Fred Marro, Esq., President, Westmont Associates, Inc.
Joseph DiMemmo, CPA, former Deputy Insurance Commissioner, Pennsylvania Insurance Department’s Office of Corporate and Financial Regulation
Hosted by: Dan Cotter, Attorney, Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC

Federal and State Regulations

Insurance is a heavily regulated industry, with both federal and state regulation. The speakers in this podcast will explain their roles and give practical tips on working with regulators.

Featuring: Mike Consedine, CEO, NAIC
Al Redmer, former Maryland Insurance Commissioner
Hosted by: Logan Marro, Vice President, Westmont Associates, Inc.