Insurance Advertising – A Balancing Act between Creativity and Compliance

Creative spirits live in the marketing and advertising realm, and they want to use all their powers to tell the world about their great products and what they can do for the customer. Many times, these creative spirits battle with what they affectionately call “The Sales Prevention Unit” – or the compliance area- because in the ‘real’ world, insurance advertising is regulated both on the federal and state level – not to mention what the company’s brand standards might be. It is up to the Compliance Professional to guide these creative spirits to find a way to fulfill their marketing and advertising desires while still being in compliance with the laws. This requires the Compliance Professional to be creative, resourceful and a good listener – because sometimes the creative spirits don’t really need an entire universe – maybe a single star will do. Our podcast will go over the laws and regulations which govern different products, and give you tips and ideas on how to communicate with the creative spirits and ways to guide them in their journey.

Featuring: Randa Zalman, President & CEO, Insurance Marketing Institute
Katie Gurnett, Compliance Manager, Government & Industry, Physicians Mutual

Randa Zalman is President & CEO of Insurance Marketing Institute and is a recognized thought leader on the power and appropriate use of new media including social media and digital placement, especially in regulated industries. In 2018, Randa received “Marketer of the Year” from the American Marketing Association, Nebraska chapter.   Along with her marketing responsibilities, Randa has earned the rank of Assistant Professor at Bellevue University where she teaches marketing strategy and MBA programs. She actively researches, publishes and presents. 

Katie Gurnett is the Compliance Manager of Advertising for Physicians Mutual insurance Company and has worked in the insurance industry for over 30 years.  She has experience with property and casualty, life, annuity and health products from inception to marketing.  Katie’s Advertising Review team is responsible for reviewing all company advertising for compliance and working with state insurance departments to gain approval.  She is a Past President of AICP and has held many positions within the organization.  Katie is a seasoned presenter for seminars for AICP and the Society of Actuaries.  She has been a guest lecturer for Creighton University and College of St. Mary in Omaha, Nebraska.  She has a B.S. in Math and MBA from Creighton University, as well as numerous industry designations.