The Learning and Development Committee (formerly known as the Education Committee) covers a wide variety of responsibilities here at AICP in its quest to fulfill its mission of developing timely and relevant educational content in support of our mission, vision, and
strategy. Here is some information about what the L&D Committee has been up to lately.

The Compliance Course subcommittee, devoted to developing Compliance Courses for AICP members, has added a second level group of courses, divided into a Life, Accident, and Health track as well as a Property and Casualty track. The Compliance 101 course (formerly known as Introduction to Compliance) will be offered LIVE in Miami in September and then online, and our Compliance 201 and Compliance 202 will then be launched online just after conference. To receive credit for each course, the attendee will be required to pass a test. Our new designation will be built upon the successful completion of these courses, as well as others to be developed in the future. You will hear more about this in the coming months.

As you know, our AICP designations, ACP and CCP, are earned through a combination of achievements, mostly linked to other organizations. For those of you who are currently working to achieve these designations, please be assured that these AICP designations will continue for
the foreseeable future. However, AICP has determined that it now has the knowledge and resources to offer a third designation that will be earned solely through AICP offerings. This year, we will be rolling out this new, additional designation. Stay tuned for more information on
this exciting initiative being developed by the Scholarship and Designation subcommittee.

Our Digital Content subcommittee, which is devoted to providing ongoing education throughout the year through media such as webinars, has been hard at work – and we are just through the first four months of the year! So far, this year, this group has presented sessions on the
following topics:

  • January – What to Expect in 2022
  • February – African American History in Insurance
  • March – Zoom Meeting with the Maine Insurance Commissioner
  • April – How Insuretechs interact with traditional carriers

More is in store! Upcoming topics include the following:

  • MCAS – You’ve filed your MCAS, What’s Next
  • Insurance Producers – Protecting Consumers in a Compliant Way
  • Health Insurance for Trans-Gender (DEI-focused webinar)

L&D also has the pleasure of working with future insurance professionals who are working with our Student Engagement Committee. Some of these up-and-coming stars have volunteered to work side-by-side with us. Not only do these folks bring a new and different energy to our
teams, but they are assisting AICP in learning what is necessary for it to remain a sustainable and relevant organization as our world evolves – economically, socially, and environmentally.

Finally, our Designation and Scholarship subcommittee recommended, and the Board approved, a fourth scholarship as well as an increase in the scholarship amounts to $2,000 each. Also, each scholarship recipient this year will receive a one-year free membership to AICP. The subcommittee will be receiving scholarship applications through June 1st. As a reminder, L&D Committee welcomes anyone to volunteer talents to our group, so if any of these sound like a team on which you would like to serve, reach out to Rona Finkelstein (who will welcome you with open arms!)

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