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Underwriting Manager


We are seeking an underwriter to lead the underwriting operations of Thimble, the industry’s compliant radicals, in the development of risk selection, implementation and offering of new products to a wider and more diverse customer base.
Role and Responsibilities:

Primary underwriting responsibilities for the Verifly Insurance Services, Inc. dba Thimble Insurance Services, a general agency, to include the following:
Ongoing development, revision, implementation, and maintenance of underwriting guidelines and coverage applications
Ensure adherence to underwriting guidelines and principles of Thimble
Underwriting referrals in accordance with Thimble standards
Assist claim adjusters with underwriting issues on claims where required
Assist in the development of initial filings for new products and filing updates for mature products that do the following:
Contain meaningfully unique features perceived highly valuable by our customer groups
Allow Thimble to grow significantly in the SMB market
Solve the basic insurance needs of our customer groups
Produce an acceptable underwriting profit
Monitor and manage Thimble’s underwriting risk to deliver target loss ratio while supporting Thimble’s mission and strategy
Identify necessary underwriting changes

Resume Information

10-12 years of insurance industry experience in P&C underwriting
Ability to work well and respectfully with others, with minimal supervisions, and in a very fast-paced environment
Ability to effectively manage multiple projects, prioritizing high impact ones
Ability to make decisions quickly and decisively
Exceptional written and oral communication skills
Microsoft Word and Excel proficiency
Creative problem solving, not problem identifying
Bachelor’s Degree

Within 30 days, you will:
Understand Thimble’s product set and roadmap
Take ownership of Thimble’s underwriting process
Understand Thimble’s content/SEO strategy and the Insurance team’s role in it
Understand Thimble’s designated producer strategy
Digest company performance and customer data to date and training on Thimble’s data infrastructure
Review data dump including all team presentations, Board presentations, filings, PAA agreements, carrier presentations, and product documentation
Understand Thimble’s claims process and future plans
Understand organization, 2021 plan, and the insurance challenges
Understand Carrier guidelines as they have been presented to us

Within 60 days, you will:
Understand Thimble’s financial model and insurance impact/budget
Understand Thimble’s Business Development strategy, including broker strategy and impact of Thimble’s Business Development on insurance roadmap
Assist in the development of commercial property insurance product
Assist in the development of automobile insurance products, including hired/non-owned auto product

Within 90 days you will:
Contribute to assuring strategic projects and goals are on plan and suggest modifications, if required
Contribute to assuring that the 2021 Product Plan is on target and completed
Contribute to planning for investigation of new products for 2022-2023 and beyond

To Apply, email [email protected]