Secretary Candidates

Alexander Crawshaw

Alex Crawshaw is an underwriter for Madison Consulting Group, with a focus on Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto, as well as a filings and compliance consultant for all property & casualty lines.. He has been with the company since 2010, a member of AICP since 2011, and Secretary of the Gulf States Chapter from 2019-2022.

What skills do you bring to the office? What qualifications make you a viable candidate for the office? 

Conscientious, long time member

What would be your goals for office if you are elected? 

Keep up the good work! Help bring chapter events back to normal setting and increase membership

If elected, how would you use your office to work with others in the AICP to pursue the AICP’s current goals and objectives, to meet member needs, and to enhance the AICP’s value in our insurance compliance community? 

Continue to work as team to work with other officers and members to understand what issues still remain as we leave covid (for example, companies/regulator decreased budgets for travel, still safety concerns) to facilitate a return and to ensure continue to provide value to members.

Where would you like to see the AICP in the future and what would you do to move the AICP toward the vision?  

As above, I think AICP is on good footing I don’t have any idea for some drastic change beyond continuing to make sure members see AICP as a value-adding association in this new environment.