Regional Director Candidates

Alexander Crawshaw

Alex Crawshaw is an underwriter for Madison Consulting Group, with a focus on Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto, as well as a filings and compliance consultant for all property & casualty lines. He has been with the company since 2010, a member of AICP since 2011, and Secretary of the Gulf States Chapter from 2019-2022.

Give a brief description of your involvement (current and past) with the AICP:

I have been an active member of the AICP for 12 years, Secretary from 2019-2022 and Regional Director since January 2023.

What skills do you bring to the office? What qualifications make you a viable candidate for the office? 

I keep a cool head, I am good at prioritizing issues and compromising, and I am dependable.

What would be your goals for office if you are elected? 

Work with the rest of the board to ensure that AICP is sustainable into the future and continues to provide value to our members – especially in terms of networking oppurtunities, regulator/industry relationships, and keeping abreast of issues in our field. I believe we have big oppurtunities in two particular areas that we should strive to take advantage of: the increasing use of the digital work environment and how we can provide more for our members in this context, and also data/IT companies that traditionally may not have seen themselves as part of Compliance Professionals but that increasingly need to be aware of insurance issues so as to better provide the specific services needed. Increased compliance/data coorperation and education serves our needs on both the individual and company level, and I would like to see AICP figure out how to best provide for this.

If elected, how would you use your office to work with others in the AICP to pursue the AICP’s current goals and objectives, to meet member needs, and to enhance the AICP’s value in our insurance compliance community? 

How I have been – keeping a cool head in heated debates, and listening to all parties as we all strive to do what is best for AICP, even if we diverge on what specifically that means. As mentioned above, there are clearly new issues we are grappling with where a ‘best way forward’ is still up in the air, but I have put thought into these issues and believe I’m a good slot to help tackle them.

Where would you like to see the AICP in the future and what would you do to move the AICP toward the vision?  

In the short term (3-5) years, I believe AICP core goals are:

  1. Restore membership to 2018-2019; both as an indicator that we are on the right track of what we are doing, and to ensure AICP sustainability.
  2. Expand the core concept of Compliance Professional to include ‘big data’/IT professionals who work closely to produce insurance-related tools and systems, such that these individuals and companies are actively brought into our organization.
  3. Ensuring value to our membership that are unable to travel to in-person events, and just as importantly make sure members are aware of these oppurtunities, as they already exist.